Tell Them

Relationships, not always that easy.  Why are they so difficult?  We make them difficult.  Had a good girlfriend of mine get a hold of me recently to talk and apologized for not getting a hold of me as of late, she said she had been distracted by a boy.  Rather excited for her and saying it’s okay I have a new man in my life too so I asked her about the new boy and then insert foot into mouth, I noticed there was a sad face with the text that I had mistaken for a smiley face.

Quickly responding back I’m an idiot, just saw it was a sad face, talk to me are you okay?  We chatted for a little while about how she believed he didn’t actually want a relationship at this time and I asked did you have this conversation?  Her response was, no – but she knew.  My advice was talk to him.

I think we are all guilty of it, we assume we know what the other person is thinking or are afraid of what their response will be, so instead we sit in silence.  And really isn’t it more proof of how bad we all are at communication even with those we say we care about those we love.  I think girls are more guilty of this than anyone, saying little especially when the relationship is new.  I’m probably guilty of it right now, but we worry, what if you say too much and that’s it, done.

Maybe it’s time I take some of my own advice, if you like someone or even love someone tell them.  Tell them as often as you want and truth is if they feel the same way they’ll reciprocate and shockingly you’ll be communicating.  Which besides honesty and trust it is one of the most important elements to a relationship.  We should tell a person how we feel and shouldn’t worry about what the outcome is, because what is meant to be will be.

Take a deep breath, it takes bravery to tell someone what you feel in your heart, it makes us vulnerable and that’s a scary thought.  But it just might be worth it and if it doesn’t work then it’s time to move on to find exactly what YOU are looking for.  Always look out for you, because if you aren’t happy with yourself, you’ll never be happy with someone.  Learn from each relationship but don’t live in the past or you’ll never have a future but remember to be present in the now, because you could be learning lessons with the person you are with.

For my new relationship it’s patience, it really is a virtue and I’ve discovered there are many forms of patience but I’m learning more about it and how to be better at it and I’m learning it from him and I thanked him for helping me to be more patient because I’m also doing my best to not hold back.

As my girlfriend and I were hanging up I know she wasn’t going to have the talk with him as there were other factors making it difficult to be in this particular relationship but I think we both learned that we both need to be open to just being more true to ourselves and when we have something to say to the person we care about we tell them.

Challenge yourself to get better at telling whoever it is what you feel, it’s important because truthfully ‘Tomorrow is not promised’.tomorrow is not promised


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