Let Her Know

Today I was asked by a guy friend if he could come to me about some relationship advice, maybe pick my brain a little bit on the subject. Absolutely, I said, when were you thinking? He said the sooner the better. Started thinking in my head questions he might ask me and thought what am I going to say?

Relationships are never easy, we are a mystery to each other…women to men and men to women, at least that’s what we seem to make of it. Perhaps it doesn’t have to be that difficult. I know many men I’ve talked to believe women are this incredibly complicated creature and they can’t figure us out…maybe this is just me, because I can’t speak for all women, but for me, if you want to make me happy and be in this relationship there a few things that I appreciate and I swear it’s not that complicated at all. What I want more than anything is honesty, loyalty, respect, to be a priority and to know that you think of me, care for me or even love me.

Let me break it down one by one.

Honesty: Is simple and it’s pure. When you care about someone, being honest is easy. If it isn’t, then maybe you should re-evaluate your feelings for that person. I’m a firm believer that honesty is always the best policy.

Loyalty: If you can’t be loyal then you shouldn’t be wasting anyone’s time. Don’t be in a relationship then, that’s fine, no one can force you to be in one. But don’t drag someone under or hurt them for your own selfish reasons

Respect: Is an incredibly important one to us as people but even more so in a relationship. Be respectful of my time, my space, my being and especially my heart. In return you will get nothing but my utmost respect.

Priority: This is a tough one these days as life gets busier and busier every day. But if you never make the person you love a priority, never make time for them, eventually when you least expect it, they’ll be gone.

Let Her Know: This one is easier than you would think. To most women we get that we aren’t going to be the center of attention and of your world every second of every day. We don’t need your constant attention, we get you have a life beyond us, but it is nice to know if we cross your mind.

That simple little text that says “hope you’re having a great day”  or “hey, I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you” means more than you can imagine. Heard a story today about a lady whose husband had started her car for her this morning and when she got out there he had also scraped all her windows and left a Hershey’s kiss on the dash for her. Little things that let us know you care, that you love us…they really do make us smile, make us fall harder and love you with our whole heart. images (1)

A good woman doesn’t need material things, she doesn’t even need all your time. Give her a little she’ll probably give a lot. I like to think I’m not that complicated and I also prefer to think that there are many other woman like me. We really aren’t that complicated and maybe neither are guys, we just complicate things ourselves.

Not sure this was really any advice at all, but I hope when I finally see my buddy and he asks the questions he does I hope that some of what I say helps even a little…and if there is one thing to take from this…if you care about her, if you love her, always Let Her Know.


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