A Phone Call?

Yesterday something happened to me that use to be incredibly normal, that it makes me sad that in this day and age, it’s become a foreign concept. Even I thought it was strange as it was happening. Let me back the story up just a tish, to start with what led to this odd concept. Conversation-is-so-much-more-than-words

It started Friday evening when I was out with a good girlfriend of mine and we were met up with a co-worker of hers. The three of us sat there having an adult beverage and chatting, laughing and generally having a good time. One beverage turned into another beverage and before we knew it my girlfriend needed to go home. Of the three of us, she was the one with a family at home and needed to be responsible.

So then there was 2. For some this could get awkward quick being we’d only just met and didn’t really know each other, but thankfully it didn’t seem to bother either of us. Finding we both have a love for music and the Vikings we found that conversation flowed easily and quite enjoyably.

It was after looking down at my phone at one point that I realized we had been there, just the two of us, for almost two hours. Closing time was a little in the distance but it would fast approach and I knew I needed to get home, for I had a busy day the next day.

We paid our tabs and left. On the way out to our vehicles he asked if it would be okay if he could give me a call sometime. I hesitated for a second not knowing if I was ready to do that yet but thought, you know what, here’s who seems to be a nice guy and we can have good conversation, why not take a chance.

It wasn’t until Sunday though, that I realized how literal he was on asking about giving me a call sometime. Little to my surprise after I got done watching the 57th Annual Grammy’s I noticed I had a missed call and a voice mail, that wasn’t from my parents, my brothers, my best friend or even a telemarketer. No he had called me and left a message. I was thrown for a loop, he had CALLED me. I don’t remember the last time a guy physically picked up the phone to give me a call and ask me out. Hence, it was foreign concept.

Most guys I’ve met, talked to and dated in at least the past five years have mainly text. Even my last long distance boyfriend could barely pick up the phone to say hi and now here was a guy who didn’t text first and it blew my mind and honestly, scared me a little. Do I even know how to have an actual conversation on the phone? Granted, I know what some people will say, but you talk for a living that should be easy for you. Yeah a lot of what I talk about is in notes in front of me and I know what I’m going to say for the most part, when you get on the phone with someone you hardly know even a little bit, who knows what could happen…it’s nerve racking.


Then I thought, it’s sad. It was only a few years ago that texting didn’t even exist and we had to have actual conversations over the phone. It was an art in high school, I felt I mastered. Now, it’s a foreign concept to pretty much the entire world. Technology lets us hide behind a screen, behind a keyboard and it disconnects us. It’s become monotonous and at times emotionless and makes my heart hurt.

So yes, yesterday a boy called me and it surprised me, when it shouldn’t. Guess it’s time, I took a chance and I picked up my phone and called him back.


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