The Unexpected Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day to all who read this. Some may be taken and some may be single but today isn’t just a day about flowers, chocolate, jewelry, cards and more…no today is about love. Love for everyone; young, old, taken or single. Yes, we love the other 364 days of the year and should always let the person we love know that, but today is a day to recognize and to remember, as in the words of Ted from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9, “Love is the Best thing we do“.

Growing up my mom had a way of making every Valentine’s Day special. It was never much but it was enough to let us know we are loved no matter what. No matter what day Valentine landed on she would always put together a special breakfast and it was ready by the time we all got up and at our seat was usually some small little gift; a small stuffed animal, a card, chocolates, sometimes fun new festive plates or mugs, it was always fun to see what little thing she would find to put a smile on our face.

I grew up believing and being shown that it’s the little things and often the most unexpected that can mean the most. As I get older, like my mom, I like to do those special little thing myself even if I am single and don’t have a Valentine per se but I have people I care about so why not brighten their day even a little?

This year I have one person in mind that will receive a little something just because I can and because I care and what better way to show them than to give them the unexpected Valentine.

happy vdayLittle did I know today would throw me a little surprise as well. Today I went to go share coffee with another special person in my life and while waiting for my friend at Caribou I went to order coffee. There was a gentleman who had tried to let me go in front of him but I insisted I was not in a hurry so please go ahead. As he left he whispered ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ and disappeared out the door as I said ‘the same to you’. When I got to the counter, they took my order and I went to pay and it was then they told the man ahead of me had already left money to pay for my coffee. My chances of ever seeing this man again, probably one in a million, but by chance he runs across this…Happy Valentine’s Day to you and thank you for my Unexpected Valentine.


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