First Date, First Rate Creeper

Last evening I had the pleasure of hosting a book club I’m a part of at my apartment and had seven ladies over who had only met once before. We come from all walks in life and have one common denominator, our girlfriend who asked each of us to join this said book club. What I am loving about this club is that it’s not only the books we read that we discuss, we discuss anything and everything else.

And this is a story that there is no way I couldn’t share, because I can’t believe it happened and I wasn’t even there to witness it! Being it was only our second time that most of us were meeting we went around the circle and said our name, what we do for a living and what we did for Valentine’s Day. We got to the last girl in the group and little did we know we really had saved the best for last.

Being a new mom, her husband had surprised her with a nice evening out starting with dinner at a fancier restaurant Downtown Fargo. While enjoying their food, she did say it was rather crowded and they were sitting fairly close to another couple who she concluded to be on a first date, by what she heard from little snippets of their conversation.

Which is why what happened next was rather shocking. My new friend said she couldn’t believe when all of a sudden the young “gentleman” (using that term very loosely) took out his phone, unbeknownst to his lovely date across from him, and took a photo of her CHEST?! That’s it, a picture of her chest and NOTHING else. He thought he was being discrete, but low and behold, to you buddy, when you are holding a phone that is about the size of a tablet, it’s hard NOT to notice when you are sitting a foot apart from the very next table…so know that even if your date didn’t see it, someone else did.

What do you do in that situation? Call him out in front of his date, ignore it? She wasn’t sure what she should have done and I don’t think many of us would. She did give him a look of ‘I know what you did’, but it didn’t seem to phase him.

What frightens or worries me is that, this is the world we live in. In a world where that guy thinks it’s okay to just take pictures of his dates’ chest without her knowledge. Did he send them on to buddies to get high fives later? Did he snap everyone in his phone? Was he using it later for some “private” time? Whatever he was doing I don’t feel comfortable with any of those scenarios.

Yeah, after she told her story I think we all laughed for about a second in disbelief, then quickly realized how bad that was. We wouldn’t want to be the person on the end where our picture was being taken and we had no clue. Would you?

tumblr_mn9edjYX3f1qg9kfqo1_1280I’m sure this is the part to throw out some profound wisdom, but I don’t have any, I can only shake my head in disbelief. However, can I throw out an idea here to anyone in the dating world? If on a date you do something that you wouldn’t be proud to share with your mom or dad, why are you doing it? If you had a daughter and you wouldn’t want her to be subjected to a situation like that, again, WHY ARE YOU DOING IT? Man or Woman I don’t care, show some respect. The dating world is hard enough as it is, please, don’t be taking it to a whole new level of creepy.


2 thoughts on “First Date, First Rate Creeper

  1. Most guys are probably secretly kinda creepy. That guy just doesn’t know how to keep it a secret. I’m sure most guys you know have thought about you during their “private” time, but yeah, most guys are discrete about it and wont tell you. Maybe girls are the same way too, I don’t know, I’m just a guy.


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