Equal Sacrifice

Over the weekend I went with a good girlfriend of mine to see the infamous ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and while waiting for the main event to come up on the big screen a preview for the movie ‘The Longest Ride’ came on. Instantly I was pulled in by it, and knew it had to be another Nicholas Sparks adaptation, how could it not, it had it written all over it and I for one was not disappointed to see it, as he is one of my favorites when it comes to romance.

The man has a knack for writing romance and idolizing what a woman wants when it comes to love. Life and Love might not be like that of Nicholas Spark’s novels, but there are always some profound lines that make you sit and think. Never have I had his words stay with me the way that these ones did in this preview…at the very end of the trailer one of the characters in the movie says, “Love requires sacrifice…” Those words for the past few days keep running through my head, I keep coming back to them. But why?

If there is one thing I’ve done a lot through the years it seems is dated, men of all different ages, height, athleticism, ethnicity, backgrounds, career paths and so on and so forth. While many seem to have a “type” some of my friends would argue I have none what so ever, with them I would disagree. I do have a type, I find a way to meet men, with the exception of a very small handful, that tend to cheat, lie, disconnect or ultimately break my heart.

But with each heartache comes a lesson. You either learn from it and move on or you stay in your past and you’ll never move on. Sometimes it takes a little longer than the last, ultimately though I choose to move on.

But I’ve learned sometimes it’s not as easy as it sounds. After hearing those lines I felt as though he was saying those lines right to me. It really struck a cord with me. Lately I’ve been struggling with a couple of recent relationships and trying to figure out why I was so frustrated with them.

Perhaps love does require sacrifice but I think it needs to come from both sides and there in lies a lot of my problem. In my most recent couple relationships I realized how much I gave, how much I could sacrifice but it was never equally met in return. Sure they liked me and cared for me but at the end of the day there was never going to be any sacrifice on their part. And if both don’t give a little then there is no way that relationship will work. The person sacrificing will never be happy because they’ll never get their needs met in return.

“Love Requires Sacrifice…but it’s worth it” he went on to say. It is worth it and I believe that and one day I’ll find exactly that. Love DOES require sacrifice and it is DEFINITELY worth it, especially when it’s equally met in return.



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