Time to Leave

“Sometimes love means leaving”. Ever been there? When you realize no matter how much you love a person it won’t ever be enough. It’s a humbling moment. A moment that feels like you had the wind knocked right out of you and for a second or two you feel you can’t even breathe. 

The moment passes, you catch your breath again and you realize you’ve made the hardest revelation of your life…it’s time to leave. Time to let the person you love unconditionally go on without you.

Sometimes the ones we love need to be set free because we aren’t in the same place. Even though they may love you back they are headed in a different direction than you. 

I’ve heard that sometimes you need to let a person go and one day they may return to you and be yours forever but realize they also may never return…that just means they were never yours to keep. 

You’ll find that one, they are out there and when you least expect it, they’ll show up just as God has planned.

My suggestion: Love and love deeply…don’t be afraid. Just know that “sometimes love means leaving”.


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