Who in your life is the person that always sends the text ‘K’? This is a pet peeve of mine. There is nothing more frustrating then sending a well thought out text to someone and their response back is…K. 

K? That’s a letter my friend not a word. Besides, text is already pretty much emotionless, why do you have to do the one thing that actually makes it sound cold? Are you upset with what I wrote? The least you could have done was sent ‘Okay’ if you aren’t upset. Which isn’t much better but at least you spelled a word.

At least now with unlimited texting I don’t feel you’re just wasting precious texts, but come on give me something please!! 

Is this how you would speak to someone in person? I highly doubt it, you want to sound a little more intellect than that, do you not? All I can say is if I ever get that response I finally have the come back I’ve always wanted. So know if you ever text me ‘K’ I’ll be responding with this here on out…😁

The perfect come back when someone text ‘K’


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