A Simpler Time


What it really means to wear a crown. Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with some lovely ladies who I was blessed with meeting when I was a teenager who did pageants. Yes, I did pageants and I LOVED them! Not because I wanted to be a beauty queen, but because I thought it would be a great way to meet new friends and I did meet new friends. New friends that have turned in to life long friendships.

Even when you don’t see a person for years it’s nice to know that you can meet up and pick up right where you left off. We laughed, we giggled like little school girls, remembered great friends lost, teared up a little and talked of a time that was simpler.

Our pageant videos were recorded on VHS, and have since been transferred to DVD’s, the quality isn’t the high quality of today’s videos but the memories are as precious now as they were then. Doesn’t matter where the technology advances next or how great it is, it’s the memories we make that we will cherish forever, that we should hold closest to our hearts.

This will age me again, but I don’t care. I remember life without cell phones, without DVD’s, without internet, no social media, no face time. I remember having conversations face to face or actually dialing a land line and talking to someone. If you wanted to get a letter to someone you hand wrote it and sent it in the mail. Your pictures were taken from a camera that wouldn’t let you see the picture so you took several hoping that maybe one or two (if you were lucky) turned out and then you put it away and enjoyed each others company.


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

It breaks my heart looking around at times and seeing people together and no one is talking, their faces are buried in their phones. Don’t get me wrong I’m aware that I too can get guilty of that from time to time but I’ve really started to make an effort to put it away and enjoy who I’m with. The other stuff can wait.

Yes, pictures, video and social media is great but if you only see everything through them, then you never actually live the moment the way you should. The world is passing you by and you don’t even realize it.

I’m not saying that we should go back in time, but it would do us all well to remember a time that was a little simpler and enjoy the time we have on this earth with those we love, having adventures and making memories that aren’t plastered everywhere but are permanently in our minds to share the story and get together with new friends that have become life time friends and remember it all vividly without the help of technology.

I’ll never forget the day I was crowned Miss Becker County Fair 1998, it was deemed by the local paper “Megan’s Reign” as Jr. Miss Becker Country Fair 1998 was also Megan and together to this day we still remember all the stories, the laughs, the tears, the people there, the feeling, the memories. There were some video and some pictures but we experienced every second of it, and would not have changed any of it for all the technology in the world…it was a simpler time and if that ages me, I’m okay with that.


The beautiful ladies of my pageants days!


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