A Letter to Best


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

It pains me and breaks my heart when I see people I love and care for hurting. I’m definitely the person who wishes I could pick up the broken pieces for you and put them back together, but I also realize that’s not possible. We have to be the ones who put ourselves back together. However, I believe it’s through the help of God, family and friends that we are able to ultimately have the strength to do that.

Right now I have some one in my life who is hurting like this right now and even though I know I can’t take the pain away I need them to know I’m here so this is a letter to Best…they know who they are.

Dear Best,

Let me start this letter off by saying I love you. Right now you are going through a pain I know too well. Your heart has been broken by someone you loved. There is nothing I can do or say that will take that horrific pain away, I know from experience. Each day gets a little better it seems and then something happens to set you back. You wonder will this ever go away? Deep down you know it will but that doesn’t change right now. What you do need is to know that there are people in your life who are there and to know you are NOT alone.

I will not lie, there will be nights you feel as though you are alone but it’s not true. If you can’t get a hold of someone to fill that feeling of void, turn to God, he will always listen. He has a plan and you can’t question it. You only can wait patiently for it. Everything happens for a reason and one day it will all make sense. One day something will happen or you’ll meet someone and realize this is what you’ve been waiting for…that moment.


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

No one knows exactly when it will happen they just know when it does. This is where I too must admit that I have had my doubts in that area and wonder when is it my time? But if the last few days indicate what I feel, then I’m a believer and I’m glad I never gave up the faith. It truly happens when you least expect it. 

Right now this time is about you, you healing and being the person you are. The person you always have been and should never change for anyone. It’s a time to be your Best.



Let this be a message to anyone in a similar situation. Life does get better, the pain will pass and when you least expect it, life becomes more wondrous than you thought possible.


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