Life with 3 Brothers

I’m getting this in at the very last minute but today is National Sibling Day and I had to pay homage to my three incredible brothers. Growing up it was myself my two older brothers and a couple months after I turned four my youngest brother came along and I couldn’t have been more upset when that happened. Bear with me, I’ll tell you the story.


When I was old enough to understand some what about brothers and sisters I remember always thinking how I wanted a little sister more than anything. Pretty sure I was fascinated at that time, like many other young girls, with little babies and if I had a little sister she could be my little doll to play dress up with. I’ll never forget on the day August 24, 1985, and going to the hospital to meet my new sibling. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when my parents wanted to introduce me to my new little brother. BROTHER? But I wanted a sister and I remember seeing them down in a different area, pink blankets and everything and I asked if we could trade him for one of them. Have since learned it didn’t quite work like that. It took me a little bit to look at my new little brother but when I did I fell in love. He was so tiny and perfect, how could I not love him? Even through the years when he would be a pain in my butt, I loved my brother. So if you are reading this my not so little brother anymore, even at times when it seems like I was a little hard on you, all of it was always out of love.

Next there is my older brother who is only two years older than me. Growing up he was my silent protector and I was the social butterfly dragging him anywhere and everywhere. I’ll never forget one of the first times I convinced you to take me to the party. It was after prom and I had decided you needed to not just come home and that I was going to be the one to get you to loosen up for one night. We went to the party and I didn’t have anything to drink but you partook in a few adult beverages and by the time I decided it was time to go home you were feeling pretty good. So good that when you were leaning on me to get into the vehicle I asked you not to fall on the ground because I wouldn’t get you back up. Never should have said anything because you thought you were the funniest thing in the world when you dropped on the ground and I had to find a couple of my guy friends to get you to the vehicle. Finally got you in the back seat and I started to drive you home. It was on the trip home that I think you were some of the most honest with me you had ever been. You talked about how great I was and that you were lucky to have a sister like me and that I was your favorite sister. I chuckled at that and informed you kindly that I was your only sister. Then you told me that I was also smart too and not just book smart, like you, but book and street smart, I had the full package. I knew then exactly how much you loved me and that I was pretty fortunate to have a big brother like you who always was watching my back.

brother love

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Last but not least there is my oldest brother. Eight years older to be exact and the one I fought with the most growing up. Learned years later when I was old enough to understand, that I was the thorn in your side. I had sass and I wasn’t afraid to use it around you starting at even the age of one and half I was told. You had me figured out but I hadn’t got there yet. Who would have thought that years later and many screaming matches and tears later we would be as close as we are. You told me the moment you realized you respected me was the morning of grandpa’s surprise birthday party when I had to once more fight you to get up. It was a Saturday night, the night before church and a party for grandpa at church and I lived only a few blocks from grandma and grandpa’s so those of us siblings over 21 went to stay at my place and my two older brothers thought they should stay up late and drink with my roommates. So the next morning when I went to wake you both up, you weren’t going to go. You had just fallen asleep about an hour before that and you just simply weren’t going. My only thought was like hell you aren’t! Garret and I got out to the car and you still hadn’t arose and I stormed into my house yelled at you to get the hell out to the car right now and I thought you were ready to rip my head off. You settled for trying to rip just about every door off it’s hinges along the way, including the car door but you were going and I had my victory. What you probably didn’t see was I was in the back seat smiling knowing I’d sassed you but you’d be happy you had listened. It was later after you had cooled down that you thanked me for getting you up because it wasn’t but two short years later that grandpa passed and we always had that memory.

Respect, honesty, truthfulness but above all love. That’s what I have with my brothers and I for one couldn’t be more lucky. We maybe haven’t always got along but at the end of the day we have always been there for each other. That’s what family is, always being there for each other through the good and the bad…and we’ve all seen both of them. So on the day National Sibling Day I say thank you to my brothers. Thank you for all being you and for loving me, your only sister for being who I am. Thank you for teaching me many lessons along the way, for protecting me when I needed it and for letting me learn my own lessons along the way. Together we have helped mold each other and it’s a part of who we are so from the very bottom of my heart to my 3 brothers…I love you all.


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