Chance It

Every moment in your life has lead you to where you are at right now and has helped to mold who you are today. Everything we do, we do by chance. Today I read is National Take a Chance Day and I thought that’s been my motto for quite sometime. It’s always been my thought that I’d rather look back and think at least I tried rather than I didn’t even try at all.


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Chances can be scary but they can be incredibly satisfying as well. What have you been afraid to try? Is there a place you want to travel? Do it. Want to learn a new hobby? What are you waiting for? Ready to finally break that bad habit? You can do it! Or maybe there’s someone special you’ve been wanting to meet…introduce yourself, say hello! Take a Chance because you just never know.

Tomorrow is never promised so do it today. Take the chance, I promise, there won’t be any regrets and there won’t be a question of what if? Today might be National Take a Chance Day but everyday is a day of Chance….good luck!


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