Happy Birthday Grandma

Today I have a special message to someone I miss very much so here it goes:

Dear Grandma,

How is heaven? Is it everything you thought it would be and more? This morning I woke up and realized it was October 11, your birthday. Today you would have been 92, so it was difficult when I woke up realized for the first time in my life you aren’t here for me to tell you Happy Birthday, because back in May you passed on to a better place. Though I can’t physically call or stop by to say Happy Birthday I believe that you will still hear this so instead tonight I write.

I know it’s not hand written but it’s a letter to you all the same. Growing up I remember how much you loved getting letters and how you often wrote to people. I learned some of that from you. Also, I remember how much you appreciated getting mail which is why wherever I traveled I made sure you got a postcard, letter or a card even if it was to say hello and I love you. All your grandchildren and children did that because we all knew it made you smile.

Today, besides letters though, I remember so much more. I remember all the times spent with you on the farm and the many days of gardening, cooking, baking and laughing. I have you to thank for my love and passion of cooking and baking because you taught me so much. One particular memory I will always carry with me, it was the time when I was 10 or 11 and I got to spend about a week with, no brothers, only me and I was going to learn some of grandma’s favorite things. During the week spent with you I learned how to make bread, buns, canning and so much more. It was just the two of us and I was so determined to make everything just the way you did, because it was so delicious. I had learned so much and couldn’t wait to go home and show everyone!

Imagine my disappointment a week or two later, when for the first time I tried to make overnight buns by myself at home and they fell flat, they never even rose, what had I done wrong? When I called to go over the recipe with you to figure out my mistake, how amused you must have been when you realized I had cooked the egg in the hot water by mistake. You never let on, however, if you were laughing at me, you figured out what happened and you told me to try it again because you knew I had it in me to make the best buns ever. After that it all came together and the next thing I knew the family was enjoying home made buns just like you made. The look of pride when I brought some over for you to try was one of the most accomplished feelings I have ever had. Thank you for believing in me.

You might not be here today on your Birthday but your memory and our stories will live on in my heart. You taught me so much through the years but the thing you taught me the most was how to be kind, treat people with love and respect and above all always keep the faith. You were one of the happiest, nicest people I knew and I’ll carry all those lessons and more with me and I hope one day to have someone to pass those lessons on to the way you passed them on to me. I cherished every moment I had with you and I’ll never forget any of it. Thank you grandma for you and for being one of my biggest fans always. Until we meet again, Happy Birthday grandma and I’ll love you, always and forever.


~Your Granddaughter


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