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The other day while cleaning up and organizing during my time off over the holidays I ran across some old letters and post cards and got to thinking I miss hand written notes. In a world of technology where we can reach people from basically the palm of our hands it seems the art of a hand written anything has gone away. I’m just as guilty but there was a time I loved doing it.

I’ll never forget in Elementary school when our teacher asked if we would be interested in being a part of a pen pal program. It was a program that put us in touch with other kids from different countries and we could correspond via letters because back then that was all we had. I remember when we got the name and address of our pen pal and rushing home to write a letter immediately. Lauren was her name, she was from Tasmania, Australia and she was my age.

We wrote for quite a few years, exchanging details about our lives, what it was like growing up in different countries and explaining our traditions and cultures. We even exchanged gifts as well as small currency to show each other what it looked like. There was something about the excitement of getting mail from a completely different part of the world and envisioning exactly where it came from and planning of the day you would one day go. Sadly I never got to meet my pen pal and even more sad have since lost touch and wish I could find her again to plan of the day as adults we might actually meet in person, could you imagine? It would be like your past staring you in the face but it’s years later.

I still have those letters and I cherish them as well as all the letters I received through the years from other pen pals. One from New Zealand, another who was a Marine and a nephew to close family friends who appreciated any mail while overseas fighting for our country.

Letters also always allowed me to stay in touch with friends who lived a bit of a distance growing up and to stay in touch in a way that didn’t cause our parents phone bills to be astronomical. It also allowed me to stay in contact with friends after graduation who went off to basic and to serve our country. Letters to us back then meant so much. It meant that someone was thinking of you and had taken the time to sit down and share with you details of their life or stories from the day, weeks maybe even the month.

Post cards were also a favorite of mine to receive in the mail especially from my grandparents who were world travelers and have visited places I can only dream and hope to visit one day. They shared their experiences on those miniature cards that had a picture of where they were at on one side and their written words on the other, they were fascinating and even more cool knowing it came sometimes half way around the world to end up with me.

Letters, post cards, written words…I miss them. They were a huge part of my growing up and I use to be pretty good at writing them myself and lets be honest these days isn’t it great to receive something other than a piece of junk mail or a bill in the mail? It rarely happens other than maybe for a rare special occasion like a birthday, a thank you or during the holidays when you receive a Christmas card, but how great do they make you feel when you get one?

Which is why I decided this year I’m getting back to writing…hand writing that is. I want to write a letter, or a hand written card for no reason but other than to say hello and that I’m thinking of you. Or if I am off traveling I want to pick up a post card and send it your way so you know what it’s like to have that experience of getting real mail. Does this sound like something you might like?

If this interests you even a little bit then let me know your address and you could be getting some unexpected real mail one day in the near future. How do I get this address you ask, well simple with technology you can either email it to me, Facebook private message me or if you have my number text it to me. I can’t say it will come immediately but I bet it will come when you least expect it and hopefully it will make you smile the way the letters I once received use to make me smile. It might seem a little old fashioned but I’m okay with that because this year I’m going to make it cool again to send letters because just like fashion sometimes it might be an oldie but it sure can be a goody!


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