Playing Fashion Show

Growing up I loved nothing more than rummaging through my moms closet and trying on clothes and traipsing around in her high heels and feeling glamorous, even though I probably looked ridiculous but I didn’t care!
One time I remember watching an episode of Oprah with my best friend from Elementary School and in the episode there was a fashion show. We made sure to tape the episode and watched it over and over and then would again put on my moms clothes and hold our own shows for my parents…thinking back, my poor dad, such a good sport, haha, he must have been bored out of his mind but he never let on that he was.

As an adult I often think I want to play fashion show even now, and every once and awhile, I do get the honor of doing so through many wonderful events around the area such as Attire to Inspire,

Me at the 2016 Attire to Inspire event

The “Wonder Woman” inspired Bra for Bras on Broadway 2015

Or in past Bras on Broadway and even for Fabulous, Fashion & Friends Dinner and Style Show. But I started forming an idea…
Yesterday I had the fun of going to MODE here in Fargo and trying on several outfits and posing for some fun pictures for social media and it took me back to my childhood and I kept thinking the only thing missing was some girlfriends to complete the fashion show! 
Today I had the thought of why don’t I have a fashion show ladies party. Almost like a slumber party but better, with drinks, food and fun! Everyone brings different clothing, accessories and shoes and we pair different things up to form a fun outfit, do each other’s hair and make-up and then hit up somewhere to parade off our new looks. The fun thing about being an adult is we can make it bigger and more fun, the world is our stage or at least the town that we are in and why can’t we get all done up for no other reason than we want to?!
It’s a thought in process but I think there’s something there and some fun to be had. What can I say my inner child seems to be coming out more and more these days. But why not we have one life to live so we might as well enjoy it any way we can or want while we are able!


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