Just Done

When you get in to your 30’s and beyond, dating gets harder…it does, trust me on that one. That’s not saying there isn’t hope it just gets harder.

For example, I remember why I don’t like dating apps like Tinder. A few days ago after hearing a good story off of it I was convinced to try it again. It turned into a joke. Maybe because of who I am friends with and who I have dated in the past, I question everyone I see as a potential match because at the end of the day are they who they say are? I had an instance over the weekend that again confirmed to me that maybe this whole dating app things isn’t for me…here’s the story.

You flip through on dating apps trying to find a match and then when you do, you’re lucky if you even get a response of any sort even if you say hi first. Why match if you are never going to talk to a person, that is so bizarre to me! Anyway, I’m rambling, I’m good at that, I was looking through and swiped right for a guy who looked to be pretty good looking, was military and seemed decent. Talked a little only to find out he was deployed. But there were a couple red flags, I however, gave the guy the benefit of the doubt.

Then it got to be too much too fast, within less than 24 hours he said he missed me. Ummm, okay. My response was you barely know but hey maybe one day you will miss me for real. But no he was sure he missed me…and RED FLAG. 

After doing some easy research it was easy to find out the pictures were stolen off an Instagram of a guy, who yes is military and yes even had part of the same name, but one he liked guys and even had a boyfriend. Secondly the dating mystery used his last name as his first name, making it easy to trail…maybe he was trying to get caught. Either way I called him out on it and that was it.

I’ll never actually know who I talked to and I’ll probably never want to try a dating app again. So again, like I said before, dating as you get older gets harder and not just because of what happened in this situation but for so many more reasons I won’t even get into. But if you’re having a hard time, you aren’t alone. None of us are. But  like I keep telling myself, patience, they’ll come, it’s just a matter of time. 

There is a plan and one day it will present itself, I believe that. For some of us, the plan just takes a little more time. But for the time being, dating apps…I’m just done. 


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