Chasing the Aurora

The other night I was in my pj’s, contacts out, face washed, teeth brushed and about to hop into bed when I saw something pop up on my phone saying that the Northern Lights were out and about in the Red River Valley tonight. It had been awhile since I had seen the Aurora Borealis that I didn’t hesitate about going on a little adventure to find them. Threw on my sweats, a warm coat, boots, hat and gloves and was out the door faster than you could say Northern Lights.

A little part of my inner kid had awakened and I just knew I had to find them! My love for the Aurora Borealis started when I was around the age of five. I remembered it being the dead of winter and bitterly cold, much like it is right now, and my mom gently waking me up and saying “Megan, dress warm I want you to see something.” I got dressed quickly and mom and I went outside where she showed me something in the sky. I remember it being very bright, green and mesmerizing. I asked my mom what is that? That’s when I discovered for the first time the Northern Lights or what I prefer to call them the Aurora Borealis. It’s a memory I’ll forever hold dear in my heart and through the years, I find myself chasing the breathtaking sky lights.


Aurora Borealis From Taken in Norway, Europe’s Skyrim

One time it was during a break from college I was heading home and it was later than I had planned. But there was a reason I ran late, it was on my drive that I looked up and saw the Aurora Borealis looking even more visual than usual. I pulled over on a side road as fast as I could and took in the natural beauty that was. They were more active than I had ever seen them it was like they were swirling from the very top of the world and down along the northern hemispere. I had never seen the Northern Lights dance the way they did that night. Twirling and dancing up and down all over the sky, I was frozen watching in that moment the Aurora Borealis like I had never seen them before. Getting home later and mom a little worried I explained to her how I couldn’t leave, and she understood as she realized she had passed on her love of the Northern Lights to me.

Through the years I’d run into my friend here and there but like I said earlier it had been awhile and I was ready to see her again! One thing about living in the city now versus the country when I was growing up, a person has to go a little farther to try and see the Northern Lights and away from the lights of the city. On a mission I headed out towards Minnesota and quickly realized I had without thinking started heading home. It was after eleven and I knew that 5:15am would come soon enough. Had it not been a Tuesday during the week I would have kept on driving.

It sounds strange but I could feel it that my long lost friend was out there but that night she was just a little out of my reach. I turned around and went home but not after staring at the stars for a brief moment. I don’t know what it is about that big sky up there, but it has always fascinated me, maybe because it lets me forget about other things for awhile and feel at peace, even if it’s for a moment. Think I needed that the other night to just have a me moment. Pretty sure we each have a little quirky thing we do to take time for ourselves and for me my favorite will always be Chasing the lady Aurora.