One Trip Around the Sun

Took another trip around the sun. By that I mean I had another birthday and I’m another year older. However, maybe I’ll look at it as though I have gathered another year of wisdom, but I do have so very much more to learn.

But what did another year teach me? What happened? I was born May 27, 1981…for those doing the math, I’m 37. Age has never been something that bothered me, it was something that actually excites me. Now rewind with me to right before I turned 35…at the beginning of the month I had visions of a fun birthday party happening, probably in lakes country and all my friends would be there, it was 35, surely that’s a milestone celebration birthday, right?

The couple weeks leading up, there seemed to be a lot of things happening that were more negative and I really hadn’t planned much and it’s for the best I didn’t. Grandma passed three days before I was to turn 35, she had lived to be 91, what an amazing life, but no matter the age it’s always hard to lose a loved one. Had this sinking feeling, somehow, the funeral would more than likely land on my birthday, which my father asked if I’d be okay with and of course I was, it was a celebration of her life that takes all precedent over anything!

It was a day of prayers, stories, laughter and many tears.

Later that day my best of friends showed up to show their support and most of all their love. For that I’ll never be able to tell them what that meant or say thank you enough. They helped to make the best of such a day.

There are those that will be able to relate, after something like that, days like that are never ever really the same, at least not right away. There’s a different memory, one that can still bring a tear to your eye. That was last year, my birthday came and quite honestly I just wanted it to pass. God Bless my friends again making sure I celebrated even if my heart wasn’t completely in it.

Moving on to this year, I didn’t know what I wanted. The week started out like any other week, but I knew the day was coming and I really did not know how to feel, what to feel yet. A few had asked about the day, and one good friend I had even confined in, to explain why I wasn’t really even feeling it and they got it, they had gone through something similar before.

So the week drug on and I knew the long Memorial Day weekend was coming and I still really hadn’t planned a thing. Then came Thursday and I had my usual happy hour at Twist for work. Two of my best guy friends showed up and they started the kickoff of a birthday weekend, probably not realizing they were helping to turn things around.

That was followed by Friday with the companies new summer grill out and my co-workers surprised me with a cake that not only made me laugh so hard it moved me even a little more towards feeling excited for my birthday again. The cake which was a little, or a lot inappropriate, was the only thing I would expect to get from the two who picked it out and had the saying wrote on it!

The weekend continued to just keep getting better and better. My little brother showed up and I got to spend some good quality time with him having dinner, taking a walk downtown for ice cream and good brother sister bonding time.

Then follow that up with Saturday spending more time with friends in the sun with a birthday cookie cake, happy birthday being sung and feeling even more love.

The day of my birthday I was with one of my best friends who made sure there was coffee,, lilacs, food, drinks and dancing! Along with my other best girlfriend checking in to make sure I was okay and sending her best, knowing only two short years before what had been.

The day of my birthday I felt so much love, from family, friends, listeners and even strangers…my heart was bursting with gratitude and so much thanks it was humbling.

Monday continued to be eventful and was like an extension of my birthday as I spent more time with friends on the lake and just soaked up not just the rays but the moment. Move to today where I got to see yet two more friends to do dinner and pedicures and really wrap up what feels like many days of a birthday celebration, I reflect back and think how very blessed and fortunate I am.

This year was different and reminded me how special birthdays can be and how very loved I am. From the very bottom of my heart I thank each and everyone of you who took a moment to wish me a happy birthday, to show me you cared and to make this girl feel incredibly special. It may not seem like much to say or write happy birthday or more than few seconds or minutes to send that wish, but the truth is to anyone it means everything.

I got wishes of hoping it’s my best year yet, but really looking at it, every year is my best because God blessed me with another one. So here’s to another birthday, to another year around the sun and I hope yours is just as special ❤️ ☀️


Make It A Happy One

What makes you happy? What makes you smile? Do that more often.

Have you ever heard a song or watched a TV show or perhaps a movie and you heard a line that just resonates with you. It speaks to you. That happened to me yesterday and believe it or not it was during the animated movie “Rock Dog”. I took a couple of my good friend’s daughters to the movie and the line that has been in my head since I heard it was so simple but true…”This is your life, make it a happy one.”

Let me say that again…

“This is your life make it a happy one.”

I ask you again, what makes you happy? We are surrounded by negativity, hate, separation, deception, sadness and more it seems every where we look. It’s easy to forget our happiness, it’s easy to be brought down.

I’ve been accused of being a little too optimistic at times, but that’s me. I see the good in people, I believe in the best and I trust things will turn out alright. That is just who I am, so I go looking for the good, because finding the good helps to make me happy. There are many things that help to make me happy and I intend to start doing them a little more, because it is my life and why shouldn’t it be happy.

Do you like to sing? Sing louder.

Do you like to read? Make time to read more.

Do you like to exercise? Then keep on doing it and make the time to make it happen, maybe switch up your routine and try something new!

Do you love your friends? Then show them, make time for them. 

Does your faith make you happy? Then share the word.

Do you love your family? Be with them more, tell them you love them.

Whatever good thing makes you happy, do more of it.

“This is your life, make it a happy one”, because why not? 

Do what makes you happy because it is your life, but don’t hate on others who are doing what makes them happy. We are all different, we all have different interests and we are each unique in our own way. Embrace that and enjoy what makes you happy, because you know what, we ALL deserve to be happy, yes including you. 

Lasting First Impressions

Today I read the cutest story about an 18-year-old young man named Grant Kessler from Ohio. His youngest sister posted a picture of him on Twitter where he is at the hospital about to meet their new niece and he’s dressed up in a suit and tie. But it was the reason he was wearing the suit that melted my heart and will yours too…he told his family the reason he showed up to meet his niece for the first in a suit and tie is “because you only get one chance to make a first impression.”

Did you just get chills? Did you just tear up? Did you get emotional? It’s adorable and admirable. Why aren’t we all like that more? He knows and we all know his new born niece is not going to remember that exact moment but everyone around him will and everyone who was touched by this story and I can almost guarantee is thinking I want to do that same thing!

It was a simple gesture but it spoke volumes. It makes me want to put forth that little extra effort no matter where I am. We make first impressions all the time in our lives but don’t even think twice about it because some of them are just in passing. But even if it’s just in passing don’t you want to leave a lasting impression? I sure do, which is why not only do I want to make sure that I look presentable I want to act it as well. How we act can leave just as much of an impressions as how we present our outward appearance, if not more actually.

His caring act wants me to dress up when I meet a friend or relatives new born. It makes me want to be the first to smile when a stranger on the street is walking my way. When I see a person heading into the same building I want to reach the door first just so I can hold open the door for them. If I see someone at the grocery store with fewer items than me I want to let them go ahead of me in line.

First impressions, we make them everyday and most times they are never really remembered. Wouldn’t it be nice to be remembered even if they don’t know your name as the person who did a simple but meaningful gesture and they leave sharing that story with all they know never knowing if you’ll cross paths again but I guarantee if by chance you do, they’ll remember you and it will be in the best way possible.

I’m a simple person, who believes in treating others the way I want to be treated and I feel if we all tried just a little harder with our first impressions as did Grant, then maybe we could leave this world just a little bit better and a little more kind and would that be such a bad thing? So the next time you’re leaving the house, heading to work, running errands or just going to be around people take into consideration making not just any first impression but a lasting first impression, I know I’m going to try.

*Find the full story on Grant Kessler here.

The Letter

No matter how much a person loves their job every now and again one needs that reminder why they do what they do. My reminder came a little over a week ago. I had just got done with my on air shift and I had stopped in the copy room where each person in the building has their own cubby for work papers and every now and again mail. Normally mine doesn’t have much in it so imagine my surprise when I noticed a white envelope. What’s this?

My reminder.

10624608_319577124909340_1839666063194568572_nLet me take it back for just a second. You see last fall, I had the pleasure of meeting two younger girls at the Jon Pardi concert. Earlier in the day the two friends had tweeted about wanting to meet him. It just so had that I had two extra backstage passes and I couldn’t think of two more worthy fans at that time than them. I tweeted back saying meet me by the merchandise table for a surprise. As they approached and I gave them passes I was taken in with hugs and tears of joy. Definitely had made the right choice.

Since then I have had the pleasure of seeing the two of them here and there at different concerts and events either with each other or their parents. I’ll hear from them through Facebook or Twitter now and again and they remind me why I do what I do.

I don’t do this for the occasional concert tickets, I don’t do it to always know the latest music, I definitely don’t do it because people think it’s easy and I don’t do it to be known. I do my job to try and make a difference. If in my day I can make one person smile, make one person feel special or help someone in a way that it impacts their life, I feel as though I’ve done my job.

Now and again yes like everyone else I have bad days. I was happening to be having one of those day when I spied an envelope in my mailbox cubby at work. Reached in and found The Letter and some pictures of myself and one of the sweetest gals I’ve gotten to know through my job.

A few weeks back she had told me that there was an assignment at school where they were to write a letter to someone other than family members and she had chosen to write to me. It was an honor to be chosen and it was even more of an honor reading her words. IMG_66611

In it she told me of what an impact I had made in her life and how grateful she was for me and it went on and on for over two pages. I’ve always told her to keep on being her because the world needs more people like her and in the end she told me she believed this world needed more people like me and my eyes had teared up and spilled over onto my cheeks. It’s in those moments when you could really use it God sends you the message you need. I was reminded once again why I love my job so much and why I do what I do.

I do it for the Gracie’s of the world. I do it for the Mariah’s of the world. And I’ll keep on doing it as long as I possibly can but I couldn’t do it without being blessed with wonderful people surrounding me. So if you are reading this you are definitely one of those people which is why I can’t say enough, thank you.

Let Her Know

Today I was asked by a guy friend if he could come to me about some relationship advice, maybe pick my brain a little bit on the subject. Absolutely, I said, when were you thinking? He said the sooner the better. Started thinking in my head questions he might ask me and thought what am I going to say?

Relationships are never easy, we are a mystery to each other…women to men and men to women, at least that’s what we seem to make of it. Perhaps it doesn’t have to be that difficult. I know many men I’ve talked to believe women are this incredibly complicated creature and they can’t figure us out…maybe this is just me, because I can’t speak for all women, but for me, if you want to make me happy and be in this relationship there a few things that I appreciate and I swear it’s not that complicated at all. What I want more than anything is honesty, loyalty, respect, to be a priority and to know that you think of me, care for me or even love me.

Let me break it down one by one.

Honesty: Is simple and it’s pure. When you care about someone, being honest is easy. If it isn’t, then maybe you should re-evaluate your feelings for that person. I’m a firm believer that honesty is always the best policy.

Loyalty: If you can’t be loyal then you shouldn’t be wasting anyone’s time. Don’t be in a relationship then, that’s fine, no one can force you to be in one. But don’t drag someone under or hurt them for your own selfish reasons

Respect: Is an incredibly important one to us as people but even more so in a relationship. Be respectful of my time, my space, my being and especially my heart. In return you will get nothing but my utmost respect.

Priority: This is a tough one these days as life gets busier and busier every day. But if you never make the person you love a priority, never make time for them, eventually when you least expect it, they’ll be gone.

Let Her Know: This one is easier than you would think. To most women we get that we aren’t going to be the center of attention and of your world every second of every day. We don’t need your constant attention, we get you have a life beyond us, but it is nice to know if we cross your mind.

That simple little text that says “hope you’re having a great day”  or “hey, I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you” means more than you can imagine. Heard a story today about a lady whose husband had started her car for her this morning and when she got out there he had also scraped all her windows and left a Hershey’s kiss on the dash for her. Little things that let us know you care, that you love us…they really do make us smile, make us fall harder and love you with our whole heart. images (1)

A good woman doesn’t need material things, she doesn’t even need all your time. Give her a little she’ll probably give a lot. I like to think I’m not that complicated and I also prefer to think that there are many other woman like me. We really aren’t that complicated and maybe neither are guys, we just complicate things ourselves.

Not sure this was really any advice at all, but I hope when I finally see my buddy and he asks the questions he does I hope that some of what I say helps even a little…and if there is one thing to take from this…if you care about her, if you love her, always Let Her Know.

Smile First

Writing has been something I’ve loved to do since I don’t even remember, it’s always been a part of me. Growing up I kept journal upon journal. Never knew when something would come to mind, it was at those times my writings would end up on scrap pieces of paper, on the back of a receipt or perhaps even a napkin. Any writer will relate when you have an idea you just have to write it down. The nice thing these days is with technology you have the power to write at your finger tips at all times.

Going through my many notes that I have written and saved on my phone through the last couple of years I ran across this one. Forgot about it. It’s an action I’ve always believed and quite honestly I will truly always believe. I share with you today…Smile First.



Walking along, the world to explore and adventures to be had

Head help up high as you pass a stranger…smile first.

Don’t hide it, someone may be falling in love with it.

Show your smile for all the world to see, even when you think no one is around

smile and be the first.

Out with friends, talking, laughing, reminiscing and tears.

When you turn and catch someone’s eye…smile first.

Don’t hide it, someone may be falling in love with it.

Show your smile for all the world to see, even when you think no is around

smile and be the first.

A smile can change the world, one smile at a time.

It’s contagious and can catch on if you, yes YOU…smile first.

Finding that was exactly what I needed as of late to remind myself how it really is the simple things in life that can make such a difference in this world. What might not seem like much to us could mean the world to another. A smile is simple and it’s free. Tomorrow when you wake remember it is another blessing from God and why not just start it with a smile. If you take away anything from this remember these wise words I once read…”Let your Smile change the World, Don’t let the World change your Smile”.