Perspective run

"Working out and running is my therapy" Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

“Working out and running is my therapy” Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Was woke up this morning by someone earlier than I had planned, but because of them I was inspired to run. The Fargo Marathon will be here before I know it and it will be my second year running the Go Far Challenge and I’m on a mission to get a better time. Hence, should probably get a run in outside since we have been blessed with what looks to be an early spring for a change.

Normally at this time in the year we are sandbagging, so it was a nice change to be out taking in the fresh crisp air and sunshine during an early morning run. It was also not that long ago you would not have been able to get me to run a mile. Now I’m happy to run anywhere from three miles to six. My workouts, my runs have become my therapy. They’ve helped me to put me in perspective.

Everyone has a way of dealing with; frustrations, life’s complications, heartaches and what is generally just bothering us, in their own way. For me I’ve learned to be me again and move past many situations by putting that energy into me and working it off. There was a time in my life (probably when I was 15 and answering those stupid where do you see yourself in 15 years sort of deals) that I thought I’d be married, starting a family and all of that “grown-up” stuff and at times it’s bothered me. But with each relationship, each friendship, every experience I realize more and more in my life what exactly I want, who I want and had I “settled” earlier I wouldn’t be able to find exactly what I want and I wouldn’t be who I am today and the me I am today who got up and went for a run on a Saturday morning is exactly who I want to be.

So ever find yourself doubting you and where you’re going in your life, maybe you just need to take a little morning run and put it all in perspective, because even if I don’t know you, I do know that you are pretty special.


“Perspective Run” photo courtesy of Pinterest