To New Beginnings

While working out today someone made mention that there sure were a lot of people joining the gym…did they realize that New Year’s started over a month ago? And I thought, but why should they have to wait and start in eleven months to start on the new them today? Good for them for having the courage to start something some people will never have the courage to do once.

Maybe that’s the problem, we are always obsessed with our “New Year’s” Resolutions, that we think it’s only then we can make a change. But really in a year from now, no matter when you started, won’t you be glad you took that step to a better you when YOU decided to. Perhaps it isn’t New Year’s Resolutions we should be striving for but for New Beginnings. bd90ac0ea543c17642b53af92986437f

New Beginnings can start whenever you are ready…today, tomorrow, the next day, even a month from now or later, you choose. They begin when you are ready to undertake your next step in your life. Never let anyone discourage you by saying the time will have to wait. This applies to all areas of life really…fitness, goals, dreams, even love. New Beginnings can happen at any time and at any place.

What are you waiting for? Whatever it is and whoever you are, believe, this is only the start. Here’s to you and your New Beginnings.


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